A VPN is a smart bit of tech that switches your IP to that of one on a VPN server located elsewhere. People use a VPN for a few reasons. The main reason is safety, as it is almost impossible to hack into someone’s data packets when they are connected to the internet using a VPN, a must for public WIFI in places like Starbucks.

Privacy is a big thing now and if you do not want tech companies, your ISP or even the government from seeing what you are doing online, this is perfect. When you use a VPN no one can see what sites you visit and what you download. Although most people stream movies and music now, if you wanted to download an AVI or an MP3 from a website or from a torrent application then this will be private when using a VPN.

Watching TV from abroad is a HUGE reason why people use a VPN hence the name Laptop Telly. When you have a VPN installed on your device you will be able to watch all UK, USA, Canadian and European TV apps and websites without any problems as they will see you as being in the country where the VPN server is.