What is a VPN UK?

A UK VPN is quite simply a VPN server that is located within the United Kingdom. Using a VPN has many advantages, one of those advantages is to access TV from abroad.

When you are outside of the UK you will find that you cannot access TV apps and gaming apps from the United Kingdom as they are geographically blocked. Using a UK VPN will allow these to work in any country in the world at the click of a button. This technology is great for this as it will allow apps such as BBC iPlayer and ITV hub to work in countries like Spain, Canada and Australia.

In addition to access TV apps from abroad, a VPN is good for security and anonymity. When you are on public WIFI you really do need a VPN as this will prevent hackers from stealing your data. In addition to unblocking and security, it also allows anonymity. This means that you can download movies and music files without your ISP or government authority from seeing what you are up to when online.

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