Watch Channel 5’s My5 Outside of the UK

It is possible to watch channel 5’s online demand player my5 when outside of the UK, however you will need a UK VPN installed on your device. When you have a UK VPN this will show that you are in the UK when in fact you can be as far away as Australia or new Zealand.

The reason why this does not ordinary work is that my5, like BBC iPlayer is geographically locked, so that it will not play outside of the United Kingdom. These players detect that you do not have a UK IP address when you are abroad, so if you are abroad, this will not work. When you access on your device when you have a UK VPN running, you will replace your foreign IP address with that of one from the UK.

This technology has been around for years and has been used by British expats living in places like Australia for years to watch BBC iPlayer, ITV hub and other British TV apps. This technology is great for access British TV, but will also allow you to access USA TV at the flick of a switch by giving you a us IP address instead.

Privatrax is a popular VPN with Brits as it is one of the few that still unblocks all British TV apps, as some now start to get blocked. It is also one of the few that still offers unlimited data so no caps on the amount of HD content that you can stream. To get 15% off simply enter the coupon code LAPTOPTELLY when visiting

There are many reasons to use a VPN, not only just for watching British and American TV apps when abroad. When you have a VPN installed on your device, it will give you both security and anonymity. This is essential if you are on public WIFI as otherwise hackers can potentially steal your data when they are on the same network as yourself. When you connect using a VPN your data passes securely and so making this impossible. Anonymity is also a big thing and when you connect to the internet via a VPN neither your internet service provider, or your local government authority can see what you are doing online.

All in all using a VPN is always advised and something that is now commonplace for 1 in 6 internet users.

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