Watch BBC iPlayer when in Canada

It is great in Canada but cold, so many people want to watch TV in the winter. If you have British routes and want to watch BBC iPlayer in Canada then you will be out of luck. This will not ordinarily work due to the fact that it is geo-blocked.

If you want to access BBC, ITV or any other UK TV application when in Canada then you will need a VPN running on your device. A UK VPN will allow you to access all British apps anywhere in the world at the click of a button. In addition to TV apps you will also be able to access gaming apps such as bet365 and PaddyPower.

Using a VPN is easy to do now and will work on all devices that you have. All laptops, tablets and smart phones will work fine and this will really open up to just what you can watch online.

PRIVATRAX is popular with Brits abroad as it is one of the few that unblocks all British TV apps, as many do not now. (see

A VPN is vital in 2019 as it not only gives you TV from abroad, but it also gives you internet security and anonymity. This is very important when on public WIFI as hacking is a serious issue that many people do not even usually think about. When you are on a public WIFI network that dozens of people are on, then there is a real chance that your data packets can be intercepted.

BBC content has always been popular with Canadians as it does give that link back to the UK. If you want to watch Eastenders, strictly or any other British TV show from the BBC when in Canada, then unblocking BBC iPlayer with a UK VPN is certainly the way to go. Unblocking and watching ITV hub is also well worth doing as it allows you access to other major UK TV shows such as coronation street and x factor.

British TV is a close second to American TV content. Did we mention the yanks? Yes if you have a VPN, most VPN providers will also offer a USA VPN server as well as a UK server, so that you can also unblock and watch USA TV applications in Canada also. This is great for watching USA Netflix as it has far greater content than the Canadian version. This is great for services such as crackle which do not ordinary work in Canada. The days of just having to use a VPN though are over as you will still have to switch GPS off on your device, so that this does not also give away your true location. This can be found quite easily in the location services in your network settings.

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