Watch BBC iPlayer in India

Many people try to access BBC iPlayer in India to find out that this service does not ordinarily work. This is due to the fact that BBC iPlayer is geographically locked to only work in the United Kingdom,

If you want to watch BBC iPlayer in India then you will need to use a UK VPN server. A VPN will allow your devices to access British TV services when in India at the flick of a switch. Many people use a VPN to access not only British TV apps abroad but also American as well.

VPN technology has been around for many years now and is originally used for people to access their company emails from home and has since been used for many other purposes. When you have a VPN running you will be able to gain both a secure and anonymous internet connection when on public Wi-Fi. This is because when you use a VPN you are doing so by sending your internet traffic via a secure VPN server which requires encrypted traffic this encryption will mean that no hacker can steal your personal information, something that is vital when you are on a public Wi-Fi network with many people at the same time.

Privatrax is popular among Brits and Indians as it is one of the few that still unblocks all of UK apps due to the fact that their ip ranges are changed daily. See

for this (with LAPTOPTELLY as promo code for discount). Watching BBC content is also good for people who are learning English overseas and India is a big place for this.

Millions of people watch BBC iPlayer via a VPN of course not only due to the fact that 130 million of the Indian population speak English but have a strong connection to the UK, many with family there.

When you have a UK VPN running on a device, you can access not only BBC iPlayer but also ITV hub and other UK TV apps as well and this is great for having the full range of British TV services at your fingertips. Strictly come dancing is a show that is particularity popular among Indians and is a main reason for watching BBC iPlayer when in India. Many British Indians travel to and from the UK and India and having a VPN installed on their devices is vitally important not only for TV but other UK only services such as poker and gaming which also needs a VPN for this.

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