When you are abroad you will notice that some things change, the weather is nicer, there are often palm trees and, well the stench of cockney pessimism seems to not be around any more (if you are from London).

Well one thing that you will notice is that BBC iPlayer will no longer work. This is because it has sniffed out the fact that you do not have a UK IP address visible. This can be remedied though however by using a VPN, A VPN will switch your IP address to that of one in a different country, in this instance one from the United Kingdom.

When you have a UK VPN running on your smart phone, tablet or laptop, you will be able to unblock and access BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and all other British TV applications in any country in the world. In addition to TV apps, you can also use poker, gaming and all other geographically locked applications and websites when in any country in the world.

People have been using VPN connections for nearly 25 years for a number of reasons. The first reason for this was so that office workers could log into their office servers when at home. In the past decade the main use for VPN accounts has been to unblock services from back home when you are abroad. In the past few years the main selling point of having a VPN has been that it offers internet security and anonymity. When you are on a public WIFI network, you are leaving yourself wide open to hackers who can potentially steal your information by sniffing your data packets, when you use a VPN this is not possible as your data runs via an encrypted signal sent to and from what you are doing on the internet via a VPN server.

When you use a VPN you also get anonymity, this means that you can surf anything on the internet and download anything from the internet without either your ISP or local government authority from seeing exactly what you are doing online. This can be very handy if you are downloading mpo3 or movie files as their will be no trail of this activity. This will also unblock websites that appear to be offline but have in fact been blocked off by your local ISP, such as The Pirate Bay.


If you are outside of the UK and want to access BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub content, then a VPN is certainly the way to go. Privatrax are popular with British expats as it is one of the few that still unblocks both BBC & ITV content as well as 95% of all other UK and USA online TV content. It also does not have any data limits and so you can stream HD content for hours each day without quota ever being an issue. To get a discount on a Privatrax account, simply enter the coupon MATESRATES when you follow the link

In addition to BBC & ITV, you can unblock Channel 4’s All4 and Channel 5’s My5 using the same simple process.. If you switch to one of the USA servers, you can unblock and watch American TV content, which is a great addition.

VPN’s now install easily on all devices and are great for unblocking services when abroad. The one thing to remember though is that not only do you need a VPN to unblock TV apps abroad but you will also have to switch off GPS location services. GPS can also give your location away even when using a VPN and so is vital that you do this.

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