Watch BBC iPlayer (Unblocked) Abroad

BBC iPlayer has been around since 2007 and is by far the United Kingdoms most popular online TV application. Every month millions of people access and watch the content on this service in the United Kingdom, there are millions of people who are viewing this service outside of the United Kingdom

Access to BBC iPlayer outside the UK, ITV Hub and all other British only TV applications and websites is usually restricted to being in the United Kingdom, as these apps are all geographically locked. This means that if you are in Spain, Canada or Australia wanting to watch British TV apps, then you are ordinarily out of luck and will see a notice similar to the one below. “Currently BBC iPlayer TV Programmes Are Available To Play In The UK Only”.


A VPN is a great way of unblocking and accessing British TV apps such as BBC iPlayer when abroad as it switches your IP address to that of one from the UK, so that the internet will see you as being in the united kingdom, when in fact you could be anywhere in the world. This great bit of technology is simple to use, easy to install and only costs a few pounds per month.

When you have a VPN installed on your tablet, smart phone or laptop, you will be able to access BBC iPlayer Abroad, as well as ITV Hub abroad and All4 Abroad at the click of a button.

IMPORTANT CHANGES: When using a VPN now, it is important not only just to use the VPN but also to switch off GPS location services on your device, so that you do not give your true location away. When you have done this, have the latest TV apps installed (by switching to UK app-store ion your devices) and have a UK VPN server running on your device, you will be able to gain full access to BBC iPlayer

This means that you will be able to watch shows such as Eastenders, Strictly Come Dancing and Doctor Who anywhere in the world totally unblocked.


When you have a VPN up and running when outside of the united kingdom, you will also have the option of watching BBC TV channels streaming live via 2 other great apps that are certainly worth downloading. TV Catch-up and TV Player apps will stream live most terrestrial UK TV channels when using a VPN abroad. This is a great option if you are away and wanting to watch live British Television without having to use the catch-up service.

Better still, if you install a VPN connection on your home router or spend out a little on a VPN enabled router, then you will be able to sit your TV set behind a UK IP address and access all of these great TV apps. This is by far a cheaper and better alternative to IPTV which is clunky at the best of times and often buffers.

Our service costs £6.99 via PayPal for an unlimited UK/US/CA/EU VPN account and will run simultaneously on 3x devices. When you have a VPN you will have 3 major benefits. 1. The unblocking of apps from other countries (like BBC, ITV, Netflix US etc) 2. Internet security (prevent hacking) 3. Internet anonymity (Hide your tracks).