Netflix has taken over the world at it is no surprise. Since 2007 online TV apps and websites have increasingly been the go-to for watching content. Analogue TV, then Digital TV have always had their place, but since the VCR came out in the late 70’s people have had a desire to watch what they want when they want to.

Netflix is a great alternative to services such as Sky, who charge triple the amount of a Netflix account to play out-dated movies on their movie channels. Netflix is under a tenner a month and provides not only loads of movies but some great TV shows too.

Most of the world now has Netflix but there are still chunks of the map that still do not, although this will no doubt change over time. It has always been desirable to access Netflix in a country where it is currently not rolled out via VPN connection, well this may have changed for its original reasoning but it is still a desired thing. If you have a USA VPN running on your device or TV set, then you can effectively register and start watching the US version of Netflix which has far superior content to most localised versions, as of course I am sure that you can imagine.

With a VPN account from us you can switch to USA server and start to watch not only the USA version of Netflix but all other USA TV apps too. There are some great TV apps stateside and it is certainly worth checking out.

Many people living in other English speaking countries use a US VPN connection to watch USA content before it airs elsewhere. You can access apps such ABC, NBS, CBS, Fox, crackle, Hulu and many more. Of course if you are outside of the United Kingdom, the same principle applies with our UK VPN server. Millions of British people are watching TV apps such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub when outside of the United Kingdom at ease.

While you can get some great content on worldwide versions of Netflix (and even now BBC content on Netflix), nothing will ever beat the amount of choice that is at your fingertips than if you have a VPN connection running on your devices.

Using a VPN for Television content overseas has been around now for around 15 years and mainly has been a go-to now for the last 7-8 years as all of the worlds major TV networks start to launch their own TV players. The age of having to download torrents tediously when living overseas is now thankfully over. If you have a VPN installed on your router or an additional repeater then you have far greater choice at your fingertips when watching.