With a VPN on Windows you have 2 options, you can either follow the manual install instructions below, or for quicker connection we recommend using one of our Windows VPN dialers. We have a PPTP and L2TP, we recommend the L2TP version (You will also have to choose 32 or 64 bit depending on your system)



1. Click on the Windows start button


2.Type in the term VPN in the search and click on change VPN


3. Click to add a VPN configuration



4. Type in a connection name such as VPN01 (your choice), then enter one of our
server names  (one of the UK ones if wanting to access UK content abroad
etc). Select L2TP and also enter the shared secret xunblock4me along with your
password and click save.


5. To connect go back into VPN


6. Simply press connect and you will be connected to the VPN, then you can access
apps from that country. TIP: Make sure that you switch off your GPS location
services on your device also and download the latest versions of the TV apps so
that they unblock properly, any problems, ask us!



7. Use the same process to disconnect



8. Click on the Windows start button



See our server list (London, GBR) (London, GBR) (London, GBR) (Hampshire, GBR) (Hampshire, GBR) (Hampshire, GBR) (NYC, USA) (NYC, USA) (Los Angeles, USA) (Denver, USA) (Dallas, USA) (Chicago, USA) (Toronto, Canada) (Stockholm, Sweden) (Amsterdam, Holland) (Frankfurt, Germany) (Toronto, Canada) (Bratislava, Slovakia) (Tel-Aviv, Israel) (Torrent Server)

L2TP Shared Secret if needed is xunblock4me

If you have any issues with connection, then please contact us and we will be of assistance.