Watch UK & US TV Channels Abroad

Since 2011 Laptop Telly has been helping British & American expats around the world gain instant & easy access to all British & American on-line TV services.

With A VPN installed on your computer, tablet or smart TV or device, you will be able to appear as though you are in the UK or USA. Everyday British citizens living in Spain, Dubai & Australia access Beeb Player, ITV Player, 4OD & All other on-line TV services the same as they would if they were in the UK, also all UK TV channels such as Beeb One, ITV, Channel & Channel 5 will stream live & in High quality anywhere in the world without being blocked.


Millions of expats now do so this way instead of using the traditional Satellite methods as this is now much easier. Any questions on just how this works, then simply ask our UK support team who are on hand to assist.

Click below, join or Support and enjoy all of the TV creature comforts of back home unblocked in any country in the World 🙂

SUMMARY: When traveling outside of the UK or USA and wanting to watch TV from back home, you will need a VPN to unblock the geo restrictions.