Launched on Christmas Day 2007, BBC iPlayer is by far the United Kingdom’s most watched, most popular and also most internationally recognised non-premium Television player in the World. As well as the tens of millions of people watching BBC iPlayer content in Britain, there are millions watching this service outside of the UK.

As the worlds oldest Television broadcaster and the worlds largest Television broadcaster by staff levels, the Beeb is certainly a big name in entertainment and arguably more important to people than Netflix. Many British people who live abroad now will pine for the content that they have been used to having access to at the click of a button for over a decade now.

If you wish to watch BBC iPlayer when abroad, you will usually be met with a warning saying that this service is not available outside of the UK. There is a way around this fortunately, and the most effective way around this is by using a VPN.

In addition to using a VPN you will also have to switch off location services on your devices, as GPS can also give away your location, but if you do so when connected to a UK VPN and download the latest TV apps such as BBC iPlayer, then UK TV will work fine in any country of the world.

British Television is not the only reason to use a VPN of course. When you have a VPN running on your device, you will have both Internet security and anonymity. It is vital to have Internet security as if you are on a public WIFI network hackers can easily sniff your data packets and potentially steal your passwords 9and then who knows what else). When you connect to the internet on a public WIFI router via a VPN connection, then your internet traffic will pass via a secure end-to-end connection so that it is 100% secure and your-eyes-only.

Internet anonymity is important also as when you connect to the internet with a VPN you can browse and download as much as you like without either your Internet Service Provider or your local Government Authority can see what you are doing online, perfect for downloader’s.