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Well it is that time of year again for the brainless chavs of Britain to get stuck into some serous trash watching. Love Island is huge, and now a show that was originally intended for viewers who have a fake tan complexion more orange that a two day hangover wee, it is being watched by everybody.

This show is carried by ITV2 in the UK, but sadly, for the expats, this show is not aired on any other TV networks around the world. If you are on holiday or living abroad, then you will not be able to watch, unless you have a VPN connection installed on your device. When you have a VPN installed on your device, you will switch your IP address to that of one from the United Kingdom and will then start to be able to watch all UK TV apps when anywhere […]


Watching Coronation outside the UK

Watching Coronation outside the UK

If you wish to know what is going on in Roys Rolls Café when you are on the beach in Dubai (you are sad) but not alone. Millions of British expats have a desire on a daily basis to watch British TV again and so do these who are on holiday.

If you wish to watch ITV Hub Abroad then you will need a UK VPN installed on your devices. This technology will switch your IP address with that of one in the UK so that you will appear to be in say London when you could be in Sydney Network or anywhere for that matter.

This great technology has been around for over 20 years now and was originally built to let office workers access their office when at home online. This technology has recently been marketed by companies like Nord VPN for internet security, so that […]

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Express VPN Vs’ Nord VPN, What is the difference?

Express VPN Vs’ Nord VPN, What is the difference?

You cannot switch a TV on anywhere in the western world now without seeing an advertisement from NordVPN. Well Nord & Express are certainly are the big 2 and possibly for a reason. They both have thousands of servers and dozens of locations and both have lots of apps. The reason for this is that they are both owned by big companies.

NordVPN can afford the expensive TV bill as they are based in a tax haven and so have the advantage of not having to give a third of their profits away to any government anywhere.

In regards to which service is the best, well what do you want form a VPN? If you are wanting general privacy then they will all provide that and so price is really the deciding factor.

If you are wanting to access British & American TV apps abroad […]

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Linksys WRT 3200 ACM router review

Linksys WRT 3200 ACM router review

The linksys WRT 3200 ACM router is a great refreshing new router that has both sleek style and functionality. This is a practice choice for those who want a router that is fast in connection data speeds, modern looking, and of course importantly supporting of VPN connection. Having a VPN enabled router is essential in 2019 as why on earth would you want to be installing a VPN on several devices around the house when you can just hit it all off at the source. You need a VPN and you most probably know this for a number of reasons. Linksys has always been a big name in the router world and they soon came around to the notion of it being essential to marketing their routers as VPN enabled. This router will look at home in both a home and in an office and […]

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Watching Eastenders Outside UK

Since 1985, The British public have (rightly or wrongly) been hooked on the goings on of Albert Square. It is now a British Institution to ruin your lovely festive Christmas family evening with watching some misery unfolding in the Queen Victoria pub, Walford.

Whether you love it or hate it, Eastenders is here to stay and millions of people watch it every week. If you are outside of the UK for sometime though, whether it be on holiday or living abroad as an expat, then you will find it difficult to watch.

If you have a VPN installed on your laptop, tablet or smart phone, you will be able to switch your IP address when abroad, to that of one from the UK, making accessing BBC IPlayer abroad possible.

PRIVATRAX have been around for about 10 years and are popular with expats […]


Unblock BBC iPlayer abroad

Unblock BBC iPlayer abroad 

In recent years more and more people are travelling with smartphones and tablets and the need for geo-unlocking is growing. When overseas you will not be able to access 80% of the apps that you would have done back home. A VPN is needed for watching many British TV apps such as BBC iPlayer and ITV hub when abroad.

Using a VPN will unblock not only TV apps, but casino and gaming apps also. In fact the reasons for having a VPN running on your devices are increasing and the biggest now has to be security. You will see that Nord VPN are advertising on television for this very reason. It is true that when on public WIFI, you are massively at risk from data hacking.

Downloading mp3 files and movies by way of torrents is something that most western country governments now frown upon. If you are connected […]

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Firewall Vs VPN


A VPN is something that everyone should have when working online on a public WIFI network. If you are sitting in Starbucks on your laptop then you are actually at risk of being hacked. When you are connected to the Internet via a VPN, this will stop those wanting to hack into your data when on the same WIFI network.

A Firewall however is less to do with your WIFI network and more to do with what you are actually looking at. If you are downloading from a potentially malicious website, then using a firewall is a must. If you are using a firewall and a VPN, then this is by far the best protection that you can get and is certainly far cheaper than buying expensive antivirus software.

A VPN will not only give you protection from hackers, it will also hide your tracks when online and also allow […]

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Mcafee Acquires TunnelBear

Mcafee Acquires TunnelBear

The security company Mcafee has now announced that they are purchasing the VPN giant TunnelBear. This is the second purchase by the newly re-independant company and a sign that they are following the trend into further interest in the VPN market.

TunnelBear is currently Canadian owned (hence the bear) and has gained alot of popularity due to its free trial system which gives users 500 meg to try out the service first. This is great for those who do not wish to watch TV but for those who wish to fully try the service out, this is by far not enough.

VPN01 is one of the few that still actually offers a 30 days free trial of its unlimited service, so that you can access its services for free fully uncapped and watch hours even weeks of high definition unblocked Telelvision apps anywhere in the world.

Using a VPN has become […]

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Voice Tech Will Kill Off The Keyboard


We all know that video killing the radio star several decades ago didn’t work out too well for the music industry in the long run. The keyboard on your computer may soon be a thing of the past also.

Did you once dream that when watching Scotty on Star Trek, that you would one day be able to talk to your computer? well the time has come. 25% of USA homes and almost 18% of UK homes now have some form of smart speaker playing a part in their lives. Talking to the room and asking for a computerised function is now finally here.

This may seem like a great leap to those who are middle aged, however millennial brush this off as childs play. Talking is quicker than typing if you are dictating, but the tone will change and the results will be poor.

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BBC iPlayer Not Working Abroad


When you are outside if the UK you will find that BBC iPlayer (along with other UK TV apps) no longer work and will come up with a message something along the lines of “BBC iPlayer only works in the UK”.

This can now fortunately be circumvented by using an effective VPN account installed on your devices. When a VPN is installed and active, it will allow you to bypass all geo targeted restrictions online and you will then be able to access not only BBC iPlayer, but also ITV HUB, All4 and all other major TV apps anywhere in the world.

VPN01 is recommended by us as […]

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