Since 1788 Australia has been full of Brits. Out of the roughly 30 million down under in Australia and New Zealand, around 78% of these people have English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish origin in their ancestry. Add to that the more than one million British expats who still own a British passport who have moved there in the last 25 years and you have a lot of Brits on the other side of the world.

Australian Television has been widely mocked among British expat communities around Australia and despite the advent of digital TV channels in the last decade, it is still known for being pretty awful. Netflix has been rolled out in both Australia and New Zealand which is a big help, however it still does not offer you the same amount of quality TV content as you would find in the United Kingdom. If you want good TV content and in particular British, then using a VPN is the only way to go.

Our VPN is used by many Brits abroad, which is why we have 6x different dedicated UK VPN servers spread throughout the United Kingdom, perfect for not only unblocking UK TV apps but also regional UK TV app versions as well.

When you connect to a UK VPN server on your laptop, tablet or smart device, then you can access TV apps such as BBC, ITV, Netflix and many more. Many British backpackers use a VPN not only for gaining a high level of Internet security when on public WIFI, but also as well for accessing UK TV apps as well.

The days of having to download torrent files of TV shows aired a few days or even weeks back from the UK when you are abroad are now long over and a VPN is by far the easiest way of watching them. IPTV does have its merits however this is only good for live TV broadcasts and this is not much good to those in Australian and New Zealand timezones. If you want to watch UK TV content online then a VPN is probably the best way to go.

In Australia there is the channel UKTV which covers some good UK Television content, however is often bogged down by constant repeats of ridiculously old British TV programmes that no one under the age of 60 has ever heard of (Google Alf Garnett).