Watch My5 Abroad

If you are a fan of channel 5 UK and wish to watch this outside of the UK, then you are out of luck, unless you have a VPN installed that is.

If you wish to watch channel 5 outside UK, then the best way to do so is via VPN technology. When you install a VPN on your devices, this will mask your real location by switching your IP address to that of one in the United Kingdom so that you will appear online as though you are in England when in fact you could be on a beach in Barbados.

This great little bit of tech has been around for a few years now and is the perfect way to get My5, BBC IPlayer and ITV Hub working anywhere in the world at the flick of a switch. This technology also allows you to switch to a USA server and watch American TV apps, so that you can see US shows before they air anywhere else.

PRIVATRAX is popular with Brits abroad as it unblocks all UK TV apps due to the fact that it switches its IP addresses daily, something that sadly the big players like Nord and Express do not. Using your devices when away is essential and we take it for granted but TV apps along with gambling apps are now geographically locked so that they have to agree that your IP address is that of one from the United Kingdom.

For the price of 2 pints of beer per month you can now watch all TV apps from the UK, USA, Canada and Europe at the flick of a switch in any location in the world. Many British people do this when living in Australia as the local Television is not so great. They only have 2 TV shows that are great and they are the only 2 that any Brit knows about. Neighbours and Home and Away are both available on My5 and you can watch these when outside of the UK via a UK VPN.

We have come a long way since the days of huge satellite dishes and buffering sling boxes. This is great new for many and very simple to install on most laptops, tablets and smart phones thankfully.

Order a 30 days UK/US/CA/EU VPN account and pay just a penny for the first month, usual price £6.99 (Pay using PayPal). With a VPN account you will be able to unblock and access all social media applications, all UK & US TV apps such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix & ITV Hub and you will also be able to download torrent field anonymously. This works on all devices and is fully contract free and can be cancelled at any time. Click the button below and enter promotional code
PENNY upon purchase.