Watching Coronation outside the UK

If you wish to know what is going on in Roys Rolls Café when you are on the beach in Dubai (you are sad) but not alone. Millions of British expats have a desire on a daily basis to watch British TV again and so do these who are on holiday.

If you wish to watch ITV Hub Abroad then you will need a UK VPN installed on your devices. This technology will switch your IP address with that of one in the UK so that you will appear to be in say London when you could be in Sydney Network or anywhere for that matter.

This great technology has been around for over 20 years now and was originally built to let office workers access their office when at home online. This technology has recently been marketed by companies like Nord VPN for internet security, so that you do not get your data hacked when on public WIFI networks. The main usage though for VPNs still is and always will be to unblock and access TV content when abroad.

PRIVATRAX are popular with British expats abroad as they unblock both BBC IPlayer and ITV Hub anywhere and are a little cheaper than some of the others. When you have an account you can install this pretty easily on most tablets, smart phones and laptops and start to watch not only UK TV apps, but also American and Canadian TV apps, great for watching USA TV shows before they air in the UK.

When you are unblocked you will be able to watch both ITV on demand content and the channels streaming live, So if you want to watch Keith lemon on celebrity juice on ITV 2, you can stream this live anywhere in the world when connecting your device to a VPN.

VPN technology can sometimes get blocked and so it is always best to go with a service that specialises in British TV so that they are always switching servers to prevent blocking from taking place. This technology is favoured by many as it is far cheaper than expensive satellite subscriptions and IPTV alternatives that always buffer due to server overloads.

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