Express VPN Vs’ Nord VPN, What is the difference?

You cannot switch a TV on anywhere in the western world now without seeing an advertisement from NordVPN. Well Nord & Express are certainly are the big 2 and possibly for a reason. They both have thousands of servers and dozens of locations and both have lots of apps. The reason for this is that they are both owned by big companies.

NordVPN can afford the expensive TV bill as they are based in a tax haven and so have the advantage of not having to give a third of their profits away to any government anywhere.

In regards to which service is the best, well what do you want form a VPN? If you are wanting general privacy then they will all provide that and so price is really the deciding factor.

If you are wanting to access British & American TV apps abroad then you are best to look for a service that is not blocked by these providers. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) routinely block IP addresses from the larger players such as Nord and so if TV is what you are wanting , then you are best to look at one of the smaller suppliers. This can be difficult seeing as the bigger ones are on your face and is hard to find if a supplier is small or not.

PRIVATRAX is used by a number of British expats in Australia as it switches it servers daily and so the BBC & ITV players still work without being blocked (see

If you are wanting fancy apps then you are best to go for express VPN as they have many of these, but in essence it is pretty simple anyway to install a VPN without an application.

Choosing a VPN is now as complex as choosing a web hosting provider and the main deciding factor really is the coupons. If you can get a deal then go for it. As a rule of thumb, coupons can be found if you Google a companies name and then search for the word coupons with it.

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