Unblock BBC iPlayer abroad 

In recent years more and more people are travelling with smartphones and tablets and the need for geo-unlocking is growing. When overseas you will not be able to access 80% of the apps that you would have done back home. A VPN is needed for watching many British TV apps such as BBC iPlayer and ITV hub when abroad.

Using a VPN will unblock not only TV apps, but casino and gaming apps also. In fact the reasons for having a VPN running on your devices are increasing and the biggest now has to be security. You will see that Nord VPN are advertising on television for this very reason. It is true that when on public WIFI, you are massively at risk from data hacking.

Downloading mp3 files and movies by way of torrents is something that most western country governments now frown upon. If you are connected to a VPN when doing so, your tracks are hidden. If you use a VPN to access the internet, there is now way that your ISP or even government can see what you are downloading and where from, perfect to ensure that you do not receive any nasty letters from anyone.