A VPN is something that everyone should have when working online on a public WIFI network. If you are sitting in Starbucks on your laptop then you are actually at risk of being hacked. When you are connected to the Internet via a VPN, this will stop those wanting to hack into your data when on the same WIFI network.

A Firewall however is less to do with your WIFI network and more to do with what you are actually looking at. If you are downloading from a potentially malicious website, then using a firewall is a must. If you are using a firewall and a VPN, then this is by far the best protection that you can get and is certainly far cheaper than buying expensive antivirus software.

A VPN will not only give you protection from hackers, it will also hide your tracks when online and also allow you to access TV and media apps from other countries by switch your real IP and replacing it with one from another country that the VPN server is located in.