We all know that video killing the radio star several decades ago didn’t work out too well for the music industry in the long run. The keyboard on your computer may soon be a thing of the past also.

Did you once dream that when watching Scotty on Star Trek, that you would one day be able to talk to your computer? well the time has come. 25% of USA homes and almost 18% of UK homes now have some form of smart speaker playing a part in their lives. Talking to the room and asking for a computerised function is now finally here.

This may seem like a great leap to those who are middle aged, however millennial brush this off as childs play. Talking is quicker than typing if you are dictating, but the tone will change and the results will be poor.

The trouble with most new tech now however is that it is geographically locked to certain areas, so that if you are outside of the UK, you will not be able to access UK services any longer, even when you shout at them. If you wish to access BBC iPlayer on foreign soil you will now need a VPN connection running on your computerised devices. A VPN account will switch your IP address for one in the UK, making sure that you can access UK only services anywhere you like in the world.

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