Mcafee Acquires TunnelBear

The security company Mcafee has now announced that they are purchasing the VPN giant TunnelBear. This is the second purchase by the newly re-independant company and a sign that they are following the trend into further interest in the VPN market.

TunnelBear is currently Canadian owned (hence the bear) and has gained alot of popularity due to its free trial system which gives users 500 meg to try out the service first. This is great for those who do not wish to watch TV but for those who wish to fully try the service out, this is by far not enough.

VPN01 is one of the few that still actually offers a 30 days free trial of its unlimited service, so that you can access its services for free fully uncapped and watch hours even weeks of high definition unblocked Telelvision apps anywhere in the world.

Using a VPN has become far more common now for the average internet user as security concerns have been made far more aware. If you are in a coffee house and you are on the public WIFI, then you are left wide open to hacker being able to see what you are doing online.