Well the news in the UK this week is that UKTV channels such as Dave and Gold have now been cut off to 4 millions Virgin TV customers. This cut off is due to an argument over just how much Virgin TV pays the UK TV network for access to its channels. Virgin wants to pay less an d also wants full access to the UKTV box-sets, to feature on the Virgin TV platform, UKTV is not too keen on this idea.

Seeing as Dave is in itself a free-to-air channel that can be picked up via a TV aerial for free, this is a little bit of a sting for Virgin TV customers and may result in them losing plenty of custom. If you are outside of the UK and wish to access the Dave TV channel, then you may have some issues due to it being geographically locked to UK only viewers on-line.

Thankfully though, if you have a VPN connection running on your devices then this will not be a [problem. When you have a UK VPN running on say your smart TV, your IP address will be switched to one from the UK, so you could be in Spain, Dubai or even as far as Australia and watch Dave TV live via TV Catchup or TV Player services, or catchup on demand any time via the UK TV app.

If you are a British expat for example, then having a VPN  installed on your devices is an absolute must and will allow you full access to all British content anywhere in the world, and totally anonymous too!

It is also great if you wish to access American, Canadian and other European content also.

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