Well China are now cracking down more than ever on VPN use and it is something that will effect many people. If you use a VPN that is registered in China, then there is a good chance that the trail will come back to yourself. If you use a VPN that use registered outside of China then this will not happen.

Only VPN companies are being targeted for jail time in China and if you are a causal user, it is very unlikely that you will even receive a fine if caught. The biggest problem really is paying for a yearly VPN account from a provider only then for that provider to be blocked in china and then you have lost your money. What is always recommended is that you use a VPN provider that is both based outside of Asia and that is small in size .

A VPN is always a great idea for accessing English langue TV when in Asia, for just a few bucks a month you can then access all UK TV and US TV such as BBC iPlayer outside the UK and NBC at the click of a button.

VPN01 is based in Europe and is a small sized company and so is very unlikely to be blocked in China. It is also one of the few providers that offers totally unlimited data and so is perfect if you wish to stream BBC iPlayer or Netflix when in China for hours on end without any issues.

VPN01 are currently giving away a years account for just £19.99, which works out at less that $2 US per month for an unlimited bandwidth UK/US/CA/EU VPN account, which is definitely the cheapest price out there for a VPN account.

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