Many people now travel overseas on holiday with smart devices, so that when they have some downtime they can watch some TV and Movies. One thing that does become apparent though unfortunately when you travel overseas is that TV and gaming apps will no loner work as most often they are geographically locked.

The EU courts did rule that all TV services from various EU nations should be available to all EU citizens when they are travelling from state to state. This however will take some time to implement and on the 29th March 2019 this will no apply to the UK as it will then be leaving this jurisdiction.


Using a VPN for Netflix is often seen as an easy solution as it will not only unblock Netflix when overseas but it will also do the same for BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and all other major TV services. A VPN is something that is used widely by expats and frequent travellers as it will transform the IP location of each of your devices so that you will appear as being in the USA, UK or any country to which the VPN server switch is set. With a VPN account you will also have a secure internet connection when on public WIFI which will prevent any hackers form being able to intercept your internet traffic, also essential when on public hotel WIFI.



A few years ago VPN accounts were only suitable for laptops when travelling abroad, however you may now easily install VPN connections on most tablets and smart phones with ease. A VPN is perfect for iPhones and Android phones and will very quickly unblock for free access all geographically blocked apps.


VPN01 offer 30 days free VPN to all new customers which unlike most free services offers fully unlimited data and so you may connect for as long as you which, perfect for long hours of TV watching for Netflix.

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