Unblock The Telegram app in Russia

Telegram is just one of the latest apps to be blocked in the nation of Russia. Lots of turbulent news regarding the worlds largest country and this is just the start of things to come. If you live in Russia and wish to use western apps and websites then you will need to install a VPN.

When you have a VPN installed on your laptop, tablet or smart phone, then you will be able to access all US, UK & EU apps not only fully unblocked in Russia but also totally anonymously also.

The VPN01 Network is popular among expats living in Moscow who wish to use western apps when in the country, as it is one of the few that unblocks 99% of foreign apps and websites. Once you have a VPN account form them, you will be able to access Telegram, Instagram, Twitter LinkedIn and all other social media apps in Russia and anywhere else. In addition to social media you will also be able to access UK & US TV apps such as BBC iPlayer and Fox, which is great for overseas viewing. You will also be able to access Netflix overseas also.

Having a VPN account is also great for internet security, if you are on a public WIFI network, then this will give you total internet security and anonymity, something which is a serous concern to many people.

To get a 30 days free account, simply follow the details below, select your currency and then register 30 days for free. If you wish to stay a member after 30 days it is £6.99 per month, if you wish to cancel before 30 days, then pay nothing.