Many people from the states travel overseas to find Ahat when they are on vacation, their apps stop working. It is a rather annoying fact that most of the websites and applications that we regularly use do not work in other countries. Ge-location technology means that when you try to access Netflix or Hulu or Crackle TV apps abroad, these will not work, unless you have a VPN installed that is.

If you have a US VPN installed and running on any of your laptops, tablets or smart phones, then you will appear as though you are in the United States when in actual fact you could be anywhere.

A VPN not only allows you to access USA only content overseas but will also give totally secure and anonymous internet anywhere. If you are accessing your papal or banking applications on a public WIFI network, then a VPn is perfect for you, as this will provide military grade encryption, so that hackers will not be able to infiltrate the network that you are on,

VPN technology has been around now for over 20 years, but only recently really has come into its own. Millions of American and British expats regularly use a VPN whenever they are overseas for great back home TV. What is great about the VPN technology is that not only USA only content, but British only content is also available, such as BBC iPlayer.