KODI Has fast become the replacement to downloading movies via torrents and putting onto a USB stick for many people. Most people now have a smart TV or a smart box of some kind and so it is easy now for all to access KODI. Legality and terms of use are controversial, but many people are still using this service.


Many people now use a VPN when using KODI as this not only switches your IP location to the UK or US so that it can unblock services such as the BBC iPlayer, but it also makes your traffic flow anonymous, so that your ISP and local government authority will not see that you are watching KODI.

With a VPN you are best to go with a service that offers unlimited data as this will be needed for TV watching. You will also need a provider that is not a major player as these are often blocked by the TV services and ISP’s as everyone else is using these. Often also major VPN providers offer a slow connection due to over stacked servers full of users.


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