Vladimir Putin has, this summer decided that Russians should not be allowed access to VPN connections in their homes. Millions of Russians use VPN connections on their computers and smart phones to unblock the increasing amount of on-line services that are locked off in Russia. LinkedIn was one of the most recent big services to be locked away from the reaches of Russians. 4 million people in Russia have (or had) a LinkedIn account and as a company that was also recently rated as the most valued-per-user .com business out there, this causes some pretty big waves.

It is technically IMPOSSIBLE to block people from using VPN connects. Some countries ask their ISP’s to have a try at detection of VPN and proxy traffic, but this is very tricky. China has recently taken the other path and instead stopped certain VPN apps from appearing in the Apple Appstore when in China.

VPN01 Network still works fine in both China and Russia and is undetectable for your ISP to see that you are using this. This VPN will unblock BBC, ITV, Netflix, Fox and major US, UK & Canadian TV apps in Russia and abroad also.

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