VPN use usually gets pretty bad press and you would assume that all governments and law enforcement agencies would see the term ‘VPN’ always as a bad things, well not always.

Recently the British London Metropolitan Police Service have created a video actively encouraging users of public WIFI to always access the internet when connected to a VPN on their devices for security reasons. Most people who purchase a VPN account do so to watch TV from another country or other reasons that security, few know that actually accessing the internet via a VPN is essential when on public WIFI. When you are accessing PayPal, your email or your bank account via public WIFI, you are leaving yourself wide open for attack from any hackers who may also be on your network. For many years hackers have sat at the back of Starbucks and Costa coffee shops when busy, trying their luck at hacking onto peoples devices that are on the network, and if you have your sensitive passwords stored on your device then these can be stolen.

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