Free British & American VPN Services?

Well it is fair to say that VPN usage has risen sharply in the last decade, particularly in the last few years especially.  Many people some years back used to use a VPN for unblocking local internet restrictions in places such as Dubai, but now with internet speeds rising and online TV applications moving in the right direction, many expats now use a VPN for TV watching purposes.

There are hundreds if not thousands of VPN providers out there and there are also some free services out there, however these are often slow, blocked by some providers and contain quite often spyware.

If you need a VPN connection for some simple unblocking very briefly and do not mind the risk of spyware, then maybe a Google search for such is a good plan.

Most frequent VPN users opt of course for a premium version and if using long term purchase a year upfront at a discount (see Having a premium VPN account from VPN01 will allow you to access BBC iPlayer, Netflix and many other UK, US & EU only TV services when in any country in the world. Unlike most premium services VPN01 servers will stream without any buffering due to not being overstacked (something which free and even most premium VPN providers lack in).

Rather than offering a ‘free’ VPN that was taken away due to over using abuses, a 24 hour free full money back if not happy is offered, so that you can try out the VPN for a day, connecting to UK, US & EU servers, if you are not happy then email with the word REFUND&CANCEL and you will be refunded fully and not billed any further, no contract too makes things much easier 🙂


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