Watching British TV Channels in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

As many British expats return to the UK from the Mediterranean for economic reasons, the opposite is happening in the Middle East. There are now more British expatriates then ever living in the United Arab Emirates and Neighbouring Gulf states such as Oman, Qatar & Bahrain. Many British, European & American expats living in the region have most of the creature comforts of back home and Satellite providers such as OSN offer a pretty good selection of TV from the west (all be it censored quite often).

Many expats, particularly British do still wish to access Television apps as they would do back home but of course ordinarily cannot. VPN usage in the UAE is one of the highest in the world, not only for unblocking TV apps such as BBC iPlayer, but also to bypass the many Internet restrictions.

Our VPN service will allow all users to unlock and watch BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, TV Catch-up and all British only Television services in any country in the world and on pretty much any device too. A simple switch from UK to US in your VPN settings and you will also be able to download and watch all US only Television apps such as Fox & Crackle.

Having a VPN subscription in the Middle East is pretty much a must for expats who use the Internet heavily and if purchased a year upfront is only a few pounds or dollars per month and so is certainly worth it.

To solve all geo-restrictive and other online blocking issues, this blog recommends VPN01 (


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