Using an Amazon Fire Stick Abroad Outside UK & US

The Amazon Fire stick has now really taken off, loads of TV apps at the click of a button, pretty cheap and a pretty nice little remote to go with it too. Of course like most other devices, this is restricted to country of origin.

Many people, usually expats, use Amazon Fire sticks in places like Spain, Mexico and Dubai to watch British and American TV apps at the click of a button. This is not possible without a VPN connection, but when configured to a VPN this is easily possible and a very effective way of watching TV abroad.

Set up within the actual Fire stick itself is a little tricky but possible, most users though now purchase VPN capable routers as they have dropped quite heavily in prove and are now easily affordable. Once you have a VPN subscription and configure this through you router, you will be able to access all UK and US TV services on as many devices as you wish in your home.

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