Bypass National Internet Censorship

.Internet censorship in something that now happens everywhere. The usual censorship is in 2 categories, in the east they like to block anything associated with free speech and in the west anything associated with taking money away from big companies.

In Dubai or Shanghai for example. if you try to speak to someone back home via Skype or wish to vent some rage regarding local politic via Twitter or Facebook, then you may have some troubles in doing so. If you are in London or New York and wish to download some movies via a torrent site or access anything mildly of adult content before 21:30, then you will find this quite often difficult

As most of you will have seen the word ‘VPN’ written in the settings menu on your iPhone, iPad, Android or computer device, this smart but simple technology allows you to gain access to the internet and outside world via an internet connection that is elsewhere, tunneling through your existing connection.

When you have a VPN account, you will be able to access Facebook, Skype, Twitter, YouTube and every other site that is banned in conservative Asian countries and also without the ISP/government in that country even knowing. You will also be able to access TV services such as Netflix & BBC iPlayer without any regional restrictions.

For a few pounds/dollars per month, if you are a heavy internet user then it is certainly advised to try having a VPN connection, roughly 75% of British expats living in the United Arab Emirates now claim to be using one, so why not give it a try.

To solve all geo-restrictive and other online blocking issues, this blog recommends VPN01 (


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