When website has been blocked by Sky Broadband Shield

When you are trying to access a website during the day on your Sky Broadband and you see the message ‘ This website has been blocked by Sky Broadband Shield’. This essentially is a good idea for those with children in the house who wish to monitor what their kids are seeing online, however this can be a little to powerful in its blocking efforts.

Website such as Zippyshare or Torrenting websites will by default be blocked by this move and indeed so is Tinder. If you are on your laptop then you will at least see the image below showing so that you know this is being blocked, however if you are on say an iPhone apps such as Tinder will simply stop working until 9:30pm at night at you will not know why.

It is now fortunately possible to get around this blocking without even having to change anything on your router, you can now simply get a VPN account.

A VPN account will unblock any restrictions on any device once activated so that you can access any website or application at any time of day on any broadband router despite its parental guards. Best of of you will also be able to access any websites that are currently being blocked in the UK by all of the major ISP’s such as Popcorn time & Kick Ass Torrents. You will also be able to watch all US Only streaming sites such as Crackle & Netflix US 9far better than the UK version!). A VPN account is a very handy thing to have indeed and simply click below to get one up & running with us for your laptop & smart phone.

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