Demand Five App Outside of UK

Demand Five is a popular British TV app that now has many great TV shows and some movies too that can be watched online via the app on your iPhone, iPad, Laptop or Android tablet or TV device.

Unfortunately if you are outside of the United Kingdom then this application will not work properly… unless you have a VPN account that is.

Once you have a VPN connection running on your device you will appear as though you are within the United Kingdom showing a UK IP address when in actual fact you could be in Spain, Greece or even as far away as Australia.

Simply sign up using the currency of your choice below and then install in your settings (pretty quick and easy to do). Once you have a UK VPN running your device will appear as though within the United Kingdom, then switch over your country location in iTunes/Playstore (Enter any UK postcode SW1A1AA etc) and then you may be able to download not only the Channel 5 app, but also the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD, Sky Go, Virgin Anywhere 7 of course Netflix UK & Amazon Prime applications and websites.

Thousands of expats now use this way of watching British & American only TV apps overseas by VPN connection, this technology is now pretty easy to use and far cheaper than satellite subscriptions..

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