Forget Global BBC iPlayer – Use The UK Instead

When the BBC iPlayer came out eight years ago it was tipped to become the biggest and best online streaming content provider, not just that the UK had to offer but also the world. This success was due partly to the unique funding model that the UK has for its beloved ‘Beeb’.

The UK version of the BBC iPlayer was soon sought after by Brit expats and general Anglophiles alike in places such as Spain, Australia, Canada & America, such much so that the BBC Global iPlayer was launched.

Due to what could be a major funding crisis with the BBC lately, the decision has been made to pull the plug on the global BBC iPlayer which in online terms leaves many expats overseas unable to see the latest British TV shows online.

Fear not though, as it is now possible to watch the original (& quite frankly better) original BBC iPlayer UK version in its full glory in any country in the world and on any device. Our VPN service easily installs on any laptop, tablet, smart phone & most smart TV boxes and once activated will make your device appear as though it is within the united Kingdom when you are in Australia or wherever. This works not only for the BBC iPlayer, but also ITV Player, 4OD & all other UK TV players. It will also allow you to stream live UK TV channels from the ‘TV Catchup’ website & app anywhere too, perfect for expats in the med who do not have a massive satellite dish on the side of their villa.

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