Bypass Regional Internet Restrictions

East maybe very different to West in many ways, but one thing that both have nowadays are internet restrictions. In the East, The Middle East countries such as UAE & KSA, websites & blogs about religion, gay rights, womens rights, adult themes & gambling themes are routinely blocked. The Far East is less religious restrictions and more political, most social media websites such as Facebook, YoutTube, Skype & Twitter are permanently blocked.

In the West, the websites that are filtered are usually tended to be for copyright reasons. Torrent websites such as ISO Hunt & Kick Ass Torrents are now blocked by most US, UK & AU ISP’s and the very popular service Popcorn Time billed as ‘the free Netflix’ is now getting blocked by all ISP’s in these countries also.

To solve all geo-restrictive and other online blocking issues, this blog recommends VPN01 (


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