Use Chromecast & BBC iPlayer Abroad Perfectly!

When we started things off some years back, the average set up on a Laptop Telly user was just that… with a laptop. Users would install our UK VPN by PPTP on their Windows XP or Vista machine and start to stream BBC iPlayer abroad in places such as Fuengirola and then plug their laptop into their TV sets using quite a bulky HDMI cable. This set up wasn’t aesthetically pleasing to look at, but of course did the trick and satisfied many.

Nowadays its seems that most of our customers are using Chromecast. For those that have not heard of this before, Chromecast is a small stick with a HMDI connector on it and is roughly the size of a USB flash-drive stick. This Chromecast stick is inserted into your Televisions HDMI slot and then the cool part starts…

Pick up on tablet or smart phone and connect to your UK VPN, open BBC iPlayer & then beam the signal wirelessly to your Television set. The great thing about doing things this way is not just the lack of wires but also the laziness factor or being able to change channels without leaving the sofa, your phone or tablet ultimately taking over the role of your remote control 🙂

So if you are outside of the United Kingdom & have purchased a Chromecast, what better accompaniment than our multi server UK/US/EU VPN subscription. Don’t forget, there’s no contract so cancel at any time.

So to solve geo-restrictive and all online blocking issues, this blog recommends VPN01 (


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