Unblock The Internet When in Oman

As many expats and Oman citizens alike how realised, many websites not just in Oman but throughout the Middle East are heavily censored for many reasons, from banning gambling to very conservative views on content. These reasons for many people are fully understandable and fine, but can get in the way of general day to day internet usage especially with heavy internet users.

You may have heard expats in the regions use the term ‘VPN’ many times in conversation but not quite know what one is and how to use it. To put it simply a VPN is a Virtual Private Network, which in layman’s terms means that you will be creating a private connection or tunnel that will allow you free access to all of the internet, not only uncensored but also completely private also.

In reality most expats in the region use this service on their laptops, tablets and even smart phones and Smart TV’s to gain access to Beeb  ayer, ITV Player, Hulu & Netflix without regional blocking and access to Facebook, Skype, Twitter & YouTube without them being restricted by the local Internet authorities.

So to solve geo-restrictive and all online blocking issues, this blog recommends VPN01 (www.vpn01.com)


*DISCLAIMER: This is an independent blog review service, informing people of the various ways of accessing communication and media online. We do not condone copyright or technology circumvention and advise all readers to obtain permission(s) for accessing any third party media streaming applications and that they abide by the terms of service of these media applications whatever country of origin that they are from. Pommy TV / Watch Telly holds no liability or responsibility for the actions of users.


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