What’s The Difference Between A VPN & Proxy

The purposes of both a VPN and a Proxy are very similar. Most people use either of these to unblock geo restricted websites and to conceal their location and identity.

To put things very simply, a proxy is generally accessed via your web browser and so is fine for say accessing a forum that your IP address has been blocked from, basic websites etc. A VPN is not web browser based, but actually connects via your operating systems settings.

A VPN for this reason is far better in that not only can you hide the location of not just browser based service (with a VPN apps like Skype will change location), but everything that is running on your system will be hidden.

The main reason for using a proxy is ease of use for simple tasks and the fact that there are many free proxy services out there. Remember though that free is never entirely free. http://www.vtunnel.com is a free proxy that will do the trick for you but is so loaded down with on screen adverts that it is barely usable. The other reason for not using free proxies or VPN services for that matter is the issue of trust, personally I would not advice entering password details or any other sensitive information when using a free service, worst case scenario your accounts get hacked, best case your marketing data is sold on to companies.

If you are wanting to use YouTube, Skype and Twitter in Muslim or Communist countries or if you are overseas wanting to watch BBC iPlayer or Netflix then a premium VPN service is the best option.

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