If you want to watch UK TV applications when outside of the UK, you will find that these will not work. If you want to access British TV websites and applications then you will need a VPN.

When you have a VPN installed and running on your devices, this will switch your IP address to that of one form the United Kingdom, so that services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5 and TV Player will start to work for you, just the same as they would if you were in the UK. This great tool will work not just for British TV, but will also unblock Television applications from the United States, Canada and Continental Europe also 9the last one great for football).

Our VPN service runs on all devices (laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc) and will ruin on 3x devices simultaneous, so that you are totally covered.

Your Favourite Shows When Abroad

Yes using a VPN is far cheaper than IPTV or Satellite when it comes to accessing TV content from back home when you are abroad. Millions of people use VPN’s in popular expat places such as Australia, Spain, Canada and Dubai as this beats relying on local services. If you are in Australia you can always watch the UK TV channel, however this is limited in content and always months behind the UK schedule (and bogged down with Alf Garnett reruns). So yes purchasing a monthly VPN subscription via PayPal, installing on your devices and then downloading and watching UK TV content via it’s native Television apps is by far the easiest way of doing things.

More Than Just One Use

Using a VPN is great not just for watching TV applications from overseas, but also for gaining Internet security and anonymity also. Internet security is a big thing, if you sit in Starbucks on your iPad online banking on public WIFI, then you are doing something quite risky. If you access the internet via a public WIFI network, then anyone on that same network can potentially sniff out your data packets and gain access to your sensitive data, such as passwords etc. When you access the internet via a VPN, this sends your Internet traffic via a secure end-to-end tunnel which ensures that your data packets cannot be sniffed out and intercepted by hackers. It is absolutely essential to use a VPN if you regularly use the WIFI in coffeehouses, hotels or any other public spaces.

Anonymity Counts

You need to be anonymous… If you are a regular Internet user at home who loves to download the odd occasional MP3 or movie torrent, then you really do want to be doing this anonymously. Internet Service Providers are really cracking down now on what you are consuming online and so why show them what you are doing? When you browse and download on the Internet when connected to a VPN there is no trace of what you are doing, so no nasty letters about switching you off for downloading that latest album via MyFreeMP3… Also there are tons of cool download sites that are just not reachable on most ISP networks when you try, unless you have a VPN running that is.


The tech-spec of our VPN is as follows… We are an UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH VPN service, which means that you can streams hours of high definition content from once side of the planet to the other via a VPN service without being switched off for over-use. Each of our accounts comes with access to multiple VPN servers that we have located throughout the United Kingdom and United States, so that you can pick up regional TV app differences using them. We are also one of the few VPN providers that switches its IP ranges frequently, so that we are not blocked by the major TV companies (like most of the big players are). In addition to servers in the UK & USA, we also have servers located in Canada, The Netherlands, Sweden and many other European locations that can also be used with each account, at the flick of a switch (We now have one in Israel also!).

Our service is 100% refundable if you are unhappy and runs via a monthly subscription with PayPal at £6.99 in Sterling and $11.99 in US Dollars. We are also contract free, and so you may cancel at any time without obligations. So to join simply click on the blue button currency of your choice and get started! Our support team are on hand 24/7 to be of assistance should you need it also (Contact Us)