Watch BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub & Netflix Abroad

For nearly 7 years, Laptop Telly has been at the forefront in advising ex-pats and holiday-makers who are travelling abroad oversea and wanting to access their favourite apps and websites from back home unblocked. When you have a VPN installed on your laptops, tablets, smart phones or smart TV devices, you will be able to unblock BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Channel 4, Netflix and all other UK & US only TV services anywhere in the world.

Millions of British expats live in countries such as Australia, Spain and the UAE and use a VPN daily to access their favourite, TV, radio and media content from back home. At Laptop Telly we look for the very best deals out there on offer, so that you can get a VPN service that is all of the following things… Reliable, Fast, Unlimited in Bandwidth and most of all that it unblocks all of the TV services that you wish to access and watch anywhere in the world.

SUMMARY: In order to access geo-restricted TV apps such as BBC iPlayer & Netflix overseas, you will need a VPN account installed on your tablet, phone or laptop. RECOMMENDED LINK:

We currently recommend the VPN01 Network, as it is tailored to expats who are living overseas who wish to access and watch UK TV channels. If you are say, a British expats who is living in Dubai and thus too far away to pick up UK TV channels on the Astra satellite, but can do so via the Internet, if you have a PVN021 account then you may do this easily. When you have a VPN account you will be able to access BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Channel 4 and also all of the Freeview UK TV channels via TV Catchup or TV Player services totally unblocked by using the VPN. So you manage to get all UK (&US TV) abroad for only a few Pounds or Dollars per month.


VPN01 currently has a great yearly coupon offer of just £19.99 pre year for an unlimited UK/US/CA.EU VPN account, which is perfect for UK & US TV viewing when overseas.


With a VPN installed on your device you will be able to access all British & American Television applications in any country in the world totally unblocked. In addition to this if you are in the Middle East or China and are having issues accessing Western social media, then these blocks will lift also, and all just for a few bucks / pounds per month!


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